Red smooth

Clinker brick of the highest quality (RöbenPREMIUM), with a traditional red color and a smooth surface.

The classic color, guaranteeing a wide range of applications, goes hand in hand with excellent technical parameters - durability, very low water absorption (approx. 3.0%) and resistance to mechanical damage and weather conditions.

  1. Perfectly smooth surface
  2. The classic color allows for many applications
  3. Resistant to damage and weather conditions
  4. Excellent technical parameters


Technical data

B, rectangular
Total sectiony
about 31 %
External wall
≥ 20 mm
Bulk density
about 1,80 kg/dm3
Density of the material
about 2,30 kg/dm3
Compressive strength class
> 100 N/mm2
about 1,5 %
Mohs hardness scale
Color durability and lightfastnessć
Heat transfer coefficient in accordance with DIN 4108
0,68 W/(mK)