Biała cieniowana

Hand-formed facing bricks of the highest quality - RöbenPREMIUM. It is distinguished by white streaks on a red background, reminiscent of strokes of white paint on a brick canvas.

The special firing process of hand-molded face bricks ennobles them so that each of them is unique in terms of surface, form or play of colors. Like an old good brick.

  1. Remarkable and original coloration and texture
  2. Hand-formed bricks
  3. Brick from the RöbenPREMIUM collection
  4. Excellent technical parameters of bricks

Technical data

Total sectiony
External wall
Bulk density
about 1,60 kg/dm3
Density of the material
about 1,86 kg/dm3
Compressive strength class
> 10 N/mm2
about 10,0 %
Mohs hardness scale
Color durability and lightfastnessć
Heat transfer coefficient in accordance with DIN 4108
0,71 W/(mK)