Erd brown shaded

Hand-molded Moorbrand facing shaded brown brick is a vivid red with a brown and black accent, which, combined with split edges and a raw face, gives the authentic effect of a natural old wall.

It fits perfectly into the rustic atmosphere; it also works well in the case of buildings revitalization, as well as in modern investments and spaces in a post-industrial style.

  1. Rustic atmosphere
  2. Excellent technical parameters
  3. Split edges
  4. Original shading

Technical data

Total sectiony
External wall
Bulk density
about 1,60 kg/dm3
Density of the material
about 1,86 kg/dm3
Compressive strength class
> 10 N/mm2
about 10,0 %
Mohs hardness scale
Color durability and lightfastnessć
Heat transfer coefficient in accordance with DIN 4108
0,71 W/(mK)