Brown and white shaded

Dykbrand is a brown and white, hand-molded facing brick, thanks to which you can create a fantastic effect of an old wall.

This is allowed by the rustic structure of the face creating infinitely many shades. This has made a product of a unique character, burned on the basis of an old, traditional recipe that looks best in the company of a white joint. It works well both on the facade and in the interiors.

  1. Remarkable and original coloration
  2. Traditional burning recipe
  3. Rustic character
  4. Excellent technical parameters of bricks

Technical data

Total sectiony
External wall
Bulk density
about 1,60 kg/dm3
Density of the material
about 1,86 kg/dm3
Compressive strength class
> 10 N/mm2
about 10 %
Mohs hardness scale
Color durability and lightfastnessć
Heat transfer coefficient in accordance with DIN 4108
0,71 W/(mK)