Clinker and Facing Bricks

The highest quality clinker brick - RöbenPREMIUM.

Its basic color is anthracite, here and there combined with bronze and streaks of red, and their task is to create an unusual pattern of a masonry surface. An additional distinguishing feature of this brick is vertical grooving, and its technical advantages include very low absorbability (approx. 2.5%) and high compressive strength (> 60 N/mm²).

  1. The brick is of the highest quality
  2. The original structure of the face
  3. Best-quality product
  4. High technical parameters

Technical data

B, rectangular
Total sectiony
about 31 %
External wall
≥ 20 mm
Bulk density
about 1,80 kg/dm3
Density of the material
about 2,36 kg/dm3
Compressive strength class
> 60 N/mm2
about 2,5 %
Mohs hardness scale
Color durability and lightfastnessć
Heat transfer coefficient in accordance with DIN 4108
081 W/(mK)