What to look for when buying ceramic tiles?

The roof is often called the fifth elevation, because it is a very visible element of the house.

Therefore, when buying ceramic rooftiles, investors should consider the aesthetic aspects, including the color of the product, which must not only match the coloring of the facade, but also to blend well with the roofs of the surrounding buildings. Sometimes, the conditions for the development of the terrain determine particular colors in advance, so as not to interfere with the harmonious coloring of the area. In addition to the aesthetic issues, it is also important to choose rooftiles with consideration of the roof design. Roofs of complicated shapes, with many curves, should be covered with small-format tiles. On the other hand, large format tiles will work well for simple roofs, e.g. pent or gabled roofs. The angle of the roof is an aspect as equally important as the degree of its complexity.

If a roof with a low angle of slope has been selected, which does not guarantee quick and autonomous flow of water, it must be carefully protected against leakage. This requires a tight substrate in the form of a full formwork and purchasing tiles with a clear, high curve, providing better water flow.

When buying ceramic rooftiles, it also pays to keep in mind the conditions prevailing at the site. If the house is located near a forest, the roof will be particularly prone to moss growth. It is worth to think about engobe-coated rooftiles, or even better - glazed tiles, as they are the most resistant to this phenomenon, thanks to their smooth surface, which allows self-cleaning with rain.