Straight roof - lower costs

The cost calculation of building a house can be performed at the design level.

In case of roof construction, it may be said simply that the less complicated the project, the less costly its realization will be.

This includes not only the amount and type of roofing materials required, but also the shape of the rafter framing. A roof characterized by a small number of planes, irregularities and decorative elements will reduce the amount of financial resources necessary. A multi-faceted roof will be much more expensive, due increased amount of materials needed to finish the ridges and valleys. 

An important part of cost estimation is also the construction of various types of components, such as dormers or bull’s eyes, requiring the use of additional sealing materials and more work in the process.

The degree of complexity of the roof is also related to the need to purchase the right amount of finishing accessories. The simpler the project, the less funds we will have to be spent on the purchase of special roof tiles, such as outermost or double-curve roof tiles, used at the edges.