Laying rustic bricks

Röben's rustic clinker bricks collection is distinguishable by its irregular rugged face, full of bumps and indentations. This finish creates an amazing effect of light and shadow, but it also requires careful workmanship. 

Bricks can be laid in different ways, achieving the desired effect will be facilitated by the arrows placed on the back side of the bricks.

Bricks can be laid in different ways, to facilitate the achievement of the desired effect, arrows are placed on the reverse of the bricks. By directing the marks on all the bricks in one direction, it is possible wo achieve a uniform, coherent pattern that forms a cohesive whole.

In turn, in order to achieve the effect of positioning the structures in different directions, a bit chaotic and disorderly, it’s enough to just lay individual bricks in opposite directions.

The method of laying bricks in relation to the special markings on their reverse applies only to the following models: Hobart, Lara, Sorell i Ross.