Protection of the fence against moisture 

Clinker brick is a durable and weatherproof material, but it is the quality of workmanship and the selection of bricks that have a key impact on ensuring effective protection of the brick fence against moisture.

It is worth to use a full brick to make a fence, which is much more resistant to water than a perforated brick. Alternatively, the internal part of the structure of the wall or posts can be made of perforated brick, and the whole can be enclosed with full bricks.

To ensure durability of the entire fence, posts and foundations should also be protected against rainwater and moisture from the ground. This is necessary because water can cause permanent damage to the joints between the bricks, weakening the wall structure.

As a protection against moisture from the ground, it is advisable to create a horizontal insulation layer of tar paper or bituminous mass. The prefabricated caps for posts protect against rainfall.

The correct assembly of the span in the wall is indicated by the span manufacturer. The most commonly used method is the installation using wall plugs or laying a span using appropriate mortar.