Tonga carbon

Clinker tile of the highest quality from the unique MANUS collection. This is the latest collection of tiles offered by the Röben company, produced in the most modern clinker plant in Europe.

Although the Manus tile is a clinker facade tile, it looks like a hand molded facing tile. It is distinguished by an absorbability of less than 3% and remarkable accuracy and dimensional repeatability. Thanks to this, it will work in cooperation with any elevation insulation system. The Manus Java carbon tile has an orange-peach, subdued color, interspersed with navy blue accents. Its unique character is emphasized by the structure, unusually found in the case of clinker faces, with scratches on selected tiles.

  1. Unusual color
  2. The original structure of the face
  3. An excellent type of tiles
  4. High technical parameters

Technical data