Clinker brick in the living room Discreet charm of the clinker

In eclectic rooms that combine different ideas and styles, clinker elements give character to the interior and help create a unique atmosphere. If we decide to use two types of bricks, the combination of smooth and rough bricks is particularly interesting.

Clinker brick in the living room

Clinker is a material that falls outside stereotypical classifications. It looks equally good in elegant and rustic interiors.

Clinker bricks (or their equivalent in the form of tiles) work very well in the interior as a determinant of the function of the room. Two bricks were used in the living room with a kitchenette: Moorbrand with a rough irregular structure of the face, allowing to achieve the effect of a classic wall, and smooth Faro referring to industrial, modernist designs.

The former was used to clad a modern fireplace and the adjoining wall. Gray clinker is a background for kitchen facilities, and it is also an element of the island structure combined with a dining table. The seemingly contrasting combination determines the character of the arrangement, harmoniously corresponding to the eclectic style of the interior.

Elegant furniture complements the whole – it combines different styles and materials as well as designer details.