Piemont - ideal solution for roof renovations

Replacing old roofing presents many difficulties, one of which is to match new roof tiles to the existing rafter framing and location of roof slope. In cases like that, the Röben Piemont ceramic tile comes in handy.

This is due to its exceptionally high shift capability, with up to 38 mm tolerance between maximum sliding and side-shifting. In addition, specially designed locks make it easy to correctly position the entire roof slope, guaranteeing its exceptional tightness. That's why the Piemont tiles are perfect for new roofs, but also for repairs of old roofs. It is also important to note that the Piemont roof tiles can be used to tile roofs with small slope angles (standard - from 22° and with standard security measures - from 16°). 

- Piemont rooftiles are a very versatile solution, especially when we decide to renovate an old roof. The large difference between maximum sliding and parting -  38mm -  is several times bigger than that of other models available on the market, which usually have a shifting tolerance of about 6mm. 

his solution allows laying tiles on roof slopes with a spacing from 360mm to 398mm. This is particularly important in case of roofs with imprecise roof slope spacing, which is the most common case in old roof renovations - explains Andrzej Wilhelmi, a roofing contractor with many years of experience, cooperating with Röben on contractor training. 

- Of course, a lot depends on the previous roofing. If it is in good condition and the rafter framing does not need to be replaced, then the tile with a great tolerance of roof slope spacing will be irreplaceable. The roof slopes were often chosen for tiles that are no longer unavailable on the market, and other roofing does not match the finished wooden elements. The situation is similar in case of new roofs - 38mm of tolerance turns out to be very useful, especially in elements such as valleys or bull’s eyes - he adds.

Not just shifting capability

The high shifting capability of the Piemont tile is one of its major advantages, but there are other features that make it perfect for renovating roofs. Its small mass is worth noting - about 3.97 kg, which translates into a very small roof slope load, for a ceramic roofing - only 42kg / 1m². 

Like other Röben ceramic coatings, the Piemont tile is characterized with durability, resistance to external influences, frost resistance and low absorbency. In addition, the size of the tile makes it easier to work on the roof.

Color is also important

The Piemont tile comes in 10 colors, from natural red, through variants such as chestnut, copper and Trentino (burgundy), to more modern, increasingly popular shades of gray, anthracite and black. 

This wide range of color variants available and the universal form of the tile itself guarantee matching the roofing to different styles of buildings.

It’s worth knowing

Each type of roofing should be covered in planning, as they all have features that change the specifics of calculations with respect to particular tiles.

Carefully check the compatibility of the roof dimensions with the dimensions of the roofing, which are the sum of all dimensions of the individual parts. Tiles with large frontal clearance allow to offset the unevenness of the surface of the slope, deciding the length of the tile roofing, which is extremely important when replacing the roofing during roof repairs.

  • Weight approx. 3.97 kg

  • Total length about 47.2 cm

  • Total width approx. 29.0 cm

  • Roofing length approx. 36.5 - 40.3 cm

  • Average coverage approximately 24.5 cm

  • Average number of pieces / m2 approx. 10,1 - 11,2

  • Minimum roof inclination angle of 22 °

  • Frost resistance: yes