Brown Smooth

It attracts attention with an unprecedented, deep shade of brown. It is a bold color, but so versatile that Perth brick fits the facades of both single-family houses and public buildings.

It is also great as a material for making fences and other elements of landscaping elements - a grill place made of brown clinker, a bench or summerhouse will harmoniously blend in with the greenery of the garden. It is the brick dyed in mass, which ensures high durability of color, and also allows any cutting without fear of revealing a different color. It is also characterized by very favorable technical parameters, including low absorbability, fire and frost resistance as well as high durability.

  1. Remarkable and original coloration
  2. High color durability
  3. Excellent technical parameters
  4. Low absorbability and frost resistance


Technical data

Dimensions of a brick NF
240 x 115 x 71 mm
The total area of perforation
>15% ≤ 50%
External wall
21 mm
Bulk density of brick NF i LDF
1500 kg/m3
Bulk density of brick VNF i VLDF
2300 kg/m3
Bulk density of brick NF SP 
1650 kg/m3
Bulk density of brick 7-S 
1900 kg/m3
Bulk density of brick XLDF 
1600 kg/m3
Strength of brick NF, NF SP, LDF, XLDF 
≥35 N/mm2
Strength of brick 7-S, VNF, VLDF 
≥45 N/mm2
to 6%
Frost resistance
category F2
Acid resistance
Alkali resistance
Coefficient of thermal conductivity of brick NF, LDF, XLDF
P = 50% - 0,37 W/mK
P = 90% - 0,43 W/mK
Coefficient of thermal conductivity of brick NF SP i 7-S
P = 50% - 0,45 W/mK
P = 90% - 0,51 W/mK
Coefficient of thermal conductivity of brick VNF, VLDF
P = 50% - 0,72 W/mK
P = 90% - 0,79 W/mK

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