If the posts are made of silicate brick, we recommend finishing them with a clinker tile, not a brick. This solution is the cheapest and the most practical, and with the use of angle tiles, the fence will look as if it was made of brick. However, remember that the silicate should first be built in such a way so as to form an even, smooth surface; you can adhere tiles to it. For more information on construction, please visit our website and check out the tip Laying clinker tiles. However, if you still decide to use the classic clinker bricks or half bricks, please remember to widen the continuous footing. You can read more about making fences in the tip: Bricklaying of clinker fences step by step.

All our products can be purchased from cooperating construction wholesalers. We suggest, however, to contact Cersus, which provides finished components, including stair systems (www.cersus.pl). In Cersus, you will receive information about the specific system you would like to purchase. You can see various types of stairs on our website.

The technology of adhering tiles is the same for both walls (inside and outside the house) and other elements. It is described in detail in one of the tips on our website Laying clinker tiles. We suggest paying attention to the corner tiles, which will guarantee that the fence will look as if it was made of bricks. Remember to use the adhesive dedicated specifically for clinker.

If the fence is still at the planning stage (there are no posts yet), we advise you to make it of clinker bricks. We describe the method of making a clinker fence in the tip Bricklaying clinker fences step by step.

Each of our clinker bricks is suitable for bricklaying furnaces in fireplaces, garden grills, etc., because it is durable, and above all – resistant to very high temperatures (its firing temperature is over 1000 degrees C).

Each of our clinker products, including the FORMBACK brick, is suitable for bricklaying grills because it is durable and, above all, it is resistant to very high temperatures (its firing temperature is over 1000 degrees C). After bricklaying, it can be protected with special impregnations, but please remember that nothing, even the highest quality building chemistry, guarantees that no smoke or dirt from the grill will not enter the brick.

If clinker bricks are used for the construction of this element, use a mortar from the selected manufacturer that is dedicated to this product. This is one of the main conditions that must be fulfilled to avoid streaks.

We offer ready-made post caps in brown and red, in sizes: 32 / 32cm, 44 / 44 cm, 44 / 32cm. There are also cone post caps made of Polish clinker brick, dimensions: 42 / 42cm and 30 / 30 cm. It is also possible to order various types of shaped bricks that can be used for bricklaying non-standard elements, such as the ends of fence posts. If you would like to ask for more details on the order or purchase, please contact the construction wholesalers that cooperate with us.