Terrace paving

Paving your terrace with ceramic tiles is a quick and easy way for a reliable floor.

Floor ceramics can be successfully used for renovation of old surface. For quick and precise paving or renovation of your terrace, use ready-made modules made of four tiles arranged in a square and connected by concrete base. If you are renovating, first check condition of the surface – it must be smooth. Should you find larger unevenness, fill it with liquid screed.

When the surface is levelled, pave it with terrace tiles using special mobile bases, placed directly on the surface. 

These elements allow for very precise setting of joint width, so they are identical all over the terrace. The method takes a little more work than building a new terrace, but gives the same effect.

If you are building a new terrace, it is recommended to pave the tiles directly on gravel. Do not use any grout – the empty spaces allow for quick evacuation of rain water. There is no need to place any base between the tiles and the gravel.