Anthracite Engobed

Flat tile, ideally suited to current building trends, preferring the minimalism of compact buildings covered with an uncomplicated roof, just as simple as the whole body.

It is the shape of the tile combined with the recognized for centuries advantages of ceramics, makes it the optimal choice for those investors who opt for modern construction, without sacrificing high quality.

  1. ceramic cover in a modern form, flat roof surface
  2. the possibility of laying a tile in two ways: in series and with a shift
  3. specially designed fasteners ensuring tightness of the cover
  4. adaptation to roofs with an inclination from 25 °

Technical data

about 3,95 kg
Total length
about 43,6 cm
Total width
about 28,5 cm
Roofing lenght
about 33,3 - 36,1 cm
Average width of roofing
about 23,7 cm
The minimum calculation value of pieces/m2
about 12,0
Number of pieces / m2
about 11,8 - 12,8
Weight m2
about 48,5 kg
Number of pieces / europallet
Weight of the full pallet
about 975 kg
The minimum inclination angle of the roof
from 25 °
Frost resistance

Dimensions of the tile