Copper engobed

MONZAplus embodies the highest standard of quality of unimpaired perfect surface covered with colorful engobed. It owes its popularity to a large size.

Faster and more efficient assembly saves time and money. The most important features of the MONZAplus system are:

  1. notches at the side edge of the tile enabling easy, fast, stable and durable fastening to the ridge beam
  2. a small number of roof tiles needed to cover 1 m² of roof slope - just 9 or 8 pieces
  3. simple and quick installation and ease of transportation to the roof, reduced load on the roof slope
  4. frost resistance, strength, low absorbability and resistance to adverse weather conditions.

Technical data

about 4,07 kg
Total length
about 46,4 cm
Total width
about30,4 cm
Roofing lenght
about 38,3 - 40,3 cm
Average width of roofing
ok. 26,3 cm
The minimum calculation value of pieces/m2
about 9,5
Number of pieces/m2
about 9,4 - 9,9
Weight m2
about 38,3 - 40,3 kg
Number of pieces
Weight of the full pallet
about 1007 kg
The minimum inclination angle of the roof
from 22°
Frost resistance

Dimensions of the tile