Natural red

The S-shaped tile, otherwise known as the Dutch tile. An excellent choice for more traditional objects, referring to the classic and antique style.

Those who are fond of the classic, clear wave will also like this tile.

The most important features of the Bornholm system are:

  1. deep, arching bend, forming a unique chiaroscuro effect of waves
  2. larger tile surface, efficient assembly, even proportions
  3. technical advantages characteristic of ceramics – frost resistance, durability, low absorbability, and resistance.
  4. shape that works well in places exposed to strong winds

Technical data

about 3,92 kg
Total length
about 44,4 cm
Total width
about 28,2 cm
Roofing lenght
about 36,3 - 36,9 cm
Average width of roofing
about 22,2 cm
The minimum calculation value of pieces/m2
about 12,2
Number of pieces/m2
about 12,2 - 12,4
Weight m2
about 47,8 - 48,6 kg
Number of pieces/europallet
Weight of the full pallet
about 971
The minimum inclination angle of the roofu
from 22°
Frost resistance

Dimensions of the tile