Technology Center in Ostrawa The past connected with the future

The area of Lower Vítkovice, so far associated with the characteristic industrial area dating from the first half of the 19th century, was abandoned after the end of production in 1998. Since then, it has undergone a large-scale renovation, the main point of which became a unique project called the Technology Center.

Technology Center in Ostrawa

Valuable area

The entire area, due to its unique character, was declared a national cultural monument in 2002, and six years later, the industrial area was added to the list of the European Cultural Heritage. Completely abandoned until recently, it has undergone significant changes in recent years and regained its former splendor. Investors did not want to remove, demolish or transform the heart of the Ostrava industry into a museum that you visit passively. The present and future generations can actively use the great industrial heritage of the city. Lower Witkowice thus became the undisputed part of the city center and an attractive place for spending free time.

Time for changes

The revitalization covered the three most important buildings: the Large Furnace no. 1 changed into VP1, the Gas Tank into a Multifunctional Hall of Gong, and the 6th Energy Center in a Small Technology World U6. The new building of the Technology World – Center for Science and Technology, designed by the well-known Czech architect Josef Pleskot, joined these facilities in 2014. The motto of the latest attraction aimed at popularizing science and technology is "Interactively and with fun". An interesting project was created in order to support the educational and entertainment activities of schools. It is important that the newly created project will be available not only for schools and kindergartens, but also for the general public.

Tradition and modernity

The Pleskot design uses the magic and symbolism of the place where it is located in a unique way. The building has an unforgettable format in the shape of an isosceles triangle with a right angle and a glass façade, 125 m long and 12.5 m high. It consists of 150 mirrors that weigh 115 tons. The amazing effect of the whole building was achieved as a result of the use of two main materials: reflective glass and the classic Adelaide brick of the Röben brand in a sharp burgundy color, which was used in the amount of 96 thousand pieces, e.g. about 2 thousand square meters. The glass façade of the building resembles the majority of the industrial area of the Lower Vítkovice area, creating an absolutely unique combination that distinguishes the Technology World from other such centers in Europe. For the revitalization design of the former industrial areas of Ostrava, the architect Josef Pleskot – the author of the concept – received the prize of the "Architect of the Year" during the annual FOR ARCH Construction Fair in Prague.

Something for everyone

The building area of 14 thousand m2 includes five stories, three of which are available to users. The permanent offer includes exhibitions: Science of the World, World of Civilization, World of Nature and Children of the World, as well as one short-term temporary exhibition. The building is equipped with: lecture rooms, exhibition rooms and classrooms, laboratories, offices, changing rooms, reception and even a cinema for 200 viewers. In the vicinity of the cinema hall and the so-called show space, there is an auditorium for 100 people where interactive games and experiments take place.