Aanthracite shaded

Clinker tile with a unique texture. Hollows and “scratches” on the background of the intriguing face of anthracite color make each tile unique.

Silver shades give it extra elegance. This is an offer for all followers of saturated, decisive colors and non-standard shapes. Due to its aesthetic qualities, Sydney fits perfectly with modern architecture, along with materials such as metal and glass, on facades adorning minimalistic geometric shapes, or in interiors with monochromatic coloring. Its another advantage is the excellent technical parameters, including acid-resistant and alkali-resistant.

  1. Remarkable and original coloration and texture
  2. Silver shades create an interesting effect
  3. Perfect for minimalist projects
  4. Excellent technical parameters


Technical data

Dimensions PENF
240 x 14 x 71 mm
on 6%
Frost resistance
Acid resistance
Alkali resistance
Reaction to fire
Clasa A1

Available formats