3 dec 2018

New renovation clinker tile

In response to the growing interest in new renovation bricks, our offer has been expanded by their counterpart in the form of Melbourne renovation tiles. It is a clinker tile maintained in the classic color with an unobvious "scratched" face.

Created with the renovation of buildings in mind, it is characterized by an austere, historic look.

The Melbourne renovation brick is the equivalent of the classic version of this shade of bricks and clinker tiles, "aged" with scratches that give it a rustic look. Differences are noticeable in the face and head. The recesses on its surface make each renovation tile different and give an impression of being affected by the passage of time. The Melbourne renovation clinker tile is a product with a traditional red color of fired clay, which was created to be used in buildings (and not only) for renovation. It is addressed primarily to renovators, architects and investors who want to give their investments a rustic look or harmoniously embed them into the surroundings of already existing buildings.

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New renovation clinker tile