4 jul 2019

New Margate Brick and Clinker Tile already on offer!

To meet the expectations of architects and investors who are looking for unique and innovative products in fashionable colors for their projects, we present a new brick and clinker tile that will satisfy the most demanding customers. Margate is a novelty withan intriguing scratched surface in shades of gray.

Margate Clinker Brick is available in two formats: the NF (240 x 115 x 71 mm) and the elongated LDF (290 x 115 x 52 mm).  Margate is also available in the form of clinker tiles in two formats: the PENF (240 x 14 x 71 mm) and the elongated PELDF (290 x 14 x 52 mm), as well as in the form of an angle tile. It is a solution that can be successfully used not only on the facade, but also in the interior, where really great will prove the clinker tile, from now also available on our offer. Its interesting texture and colour make it an excellent solution, dedicated to modern projects. It will look great in combination with glass or metal, or as a facade of buildings with a simple, minimalist shape. The base of this clinker brick is dark and it's covered with two shades of gray, which makes its colour to look different depending on the lighting. In full sun it becomes almost white. 

Margate is an offer for customers who are looking for an alternative to classic red brick, and at the same time like unobvious solutions. Cavities and "scratches" on the background of its intriguing face make each brick or tile unique. Produced in Środa Śląska, it is an excellent choice not only because of its aesthetic value, but also its excellent technical parameters - above all the high resistance to adverse weather conditions. 

More product information:

Brick Margate Shaded gray

Brick Margate Shaded gray LDF

Tile Margate Shaded gray

Tile Margate Shaded gray PELDF


New Margate Brick and Clinker Tile already on offer!