17 sep 2023

New - MILANO Tile

The new MILANO clay roof tile has been added to our offer. This is an upgraded, even better-performing version of the BORNHOLM roof tile, which is no longer manufactured in our plants.

A new model of ceramic roof tile - MILANO - has been added to our company's offer. It has an S-shape and, thanks to its classic form, aesthetically guarantees a noble image of the roofing, while at the same time ensuring timelessness, resistance and first-class durability.

MILANO is characterised by a larger format than standard products. Its dimensions are approximately 466 mm x 306 mm. The tile has a displacement tolerance of up to 41 mm, which makes it possible to use it on any elaborate and architecturally complex roof. Between 10.3 and 11.5 pieces are sufficient to cover one square metre of slope. The new model allows the investor to save money, and the contractor saves measurable time. This is because a larger tile requires fewer truss battens and means that the roofing work can be completed much more quickly. With its weight of around 3.9 kg, MILANO does not suppose a heavy load on the roof slope. This parameter makes the tile even more versatile, as it allows it to be used more widely. The minimum roof pitch for this model is already 22 degrees.

MILANO is equipped with deeper and higher locks. They are designed in such a way that the roofing maximises protection from rain, allows better drainage and guarantees a perfect roof seal. The new tile also allows the use of different fixing brackets. Any unevenness in the truss can be easily levelled thanks to the teeth for precise clamping. Moisture- and frost-resistant, the tile is also robust and durable, making it of the highest quality standard.

The shape of MILANO means that when placed on roof slopes, it gives an elegant, traditional effect of wavy lines. At the same time, its modern form makes the solidity of the roofing strongly apparent. The model is available in two colours: natural red and anthracite engobed. Each of the proposed MILANO roof tile variants will be an excellent choice in terms of aesthetics and at the same time optimal in terms of technical performance.

New - MILANO Tile