Anthracite engobed

Roof tile distinguished by its S-shape. Thanks to its classic form, aesthetically it guarantees a noble appearance of the roofing, while at the same time providing timelessness, resilience and first-class durability. 

t is an excellent choice for developments with a traditional character and a reference to historic styling. 

The most important features of the VERONA roof tile are:

  1. large displacement tolerance - up to 41 mm. 
  2. minimum roof pitch 22o
  3. shape suitable for areas exposed to strong winds
  4. technical advantages typical of ceramics - frost resistance, durability, low absorption and resistance.

Technical data

about 3,9 kg
Total length
about 46,6 cm
Total width
about 30,6 cm
Roofing lenght
about 35,7 - 39,8 cm
Average width of roofing
about 24,3 cm
The minimum calculation value of pieces/m2
about 10,3
Number of pieces / m2
about 10,3 - 11,5
Weight m2
about 40,2 - 44,9 kg
Number of pieces / europallet
Weight of the full pallet
about 966 kg
The minimum inclination angle of the roof
from 22 °
Frost resistance